AgeVintage 2004
CaskArmagnac Barrel / Gascon Black Oak
RegionBas Armagnac - Folle Blanche
Outturn511 bottles
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This dram felt wise beyond its years, like a young Yoda. There were deep notes from a long slumber in oak. Rich fig jam, plump vanilla pods, plums, cherries and almond paste. Prune and Armagnac tart meets cherry bakewell. The palate delighted with sweet melted butter, toffee popcorn, rhubarb and custard, freshly pressed grape juice, lemon drizzle cake and spicy ginger Jamaica cake. A splash of water increased the depth and complexity with poached pears, autumn leaves and delicate rancio notes starting to show. We also imagined a bubbling pot of bramble and damson jam. To taste, ginger biscuit cheesecake base and perhaps a perfumed hint of violets. We also found monstera fruit and mango puree laced with ginger and cinnamon spice. Sweet liquorice was the precursor to a long herbal/earthy finish, which left one panellist lying in piles of autumn leaves.