G15.10 - OKAY OAKY

Age10 years
Distilled17 December 2009
Cask2nd Fill ex-Bourbon Barrel
Outturn201 bottles
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This gives an initial characteristic collection of aromatics – banana chips, bubble-gum and glue, which slowly deepen to pastis and menthol; it also has sweetness (white chocolate) and citrus notes (orange barley sugars, lemon zest). The palate is lovely and sweet with rich textures – hazelnut chocolate spread, condensed milk and mashed bananas, with notes of bourbon and menthol-scented wood on the finish. On the reduced nose, syrupy fruit salad, Jaffa cakes, honey and marzipan are contrasted with crystallised ginger, coconut and fresh oak. The palate becomes totally mouth-watering, with peaches, pear juice, pineapples and melon balls. The afterglow is oak and vanilla.