Age10 years
Distilled17 November 2011
Caskex-Bourbon Hogsheads & Toasted Oak Barriques
Outturn1138 bottles
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This latest small batch expression utilises two distinct types of custom cask from Seguin Moreau cooperage in France. For type one, the staves were coopered from new American oak. Each stave was specially selected for a higher than average content of lactones and aromatic compounds. A heavy toast was applied contributing coconut sweetness and a rounded texture to the finished blend. For type two, the staves were coopered from new Caucasian oak, sourced from east of the Black Sea. A longer toast applied here provides orange and stone fruits. Toasted heads were applied to both cask types, accentuating notes of exotic spices.

A wonderful bouquet of sweet and fruity aromas, plum jam, banana bread, Amarena cherries coated in dark chocolate, creamed coconut and a refreshing mango cinnamon ice cream. Mouth-coating like a star anise meringue with mango coulis and fresh raspberries while in the finish, the star anise might have been swapped by matcha powder giving this dessert a light spicy Asian edge. With a drop of water, we got the same aroma but from three different countries; German Aachener Printen, Belgian speculoos and British gingerbread, while on the palate we were all eating candied orange sticks and candied clementine confit with Moroccan spices.