Age12 years
Distilled27 April 2011
Cask1st Fill Bourbon Barrels, US OAK Oloroso Hogsheads & 2nd Fill Spanish Oak Oloroso Hogsheads
Outturn2505 bottles
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This small-batch blended malt was created by bringing together the worlds of bourbon and oloroso cask maturation, along with spirit from the islands of Orkney and Islay. There are Spanish and American oak influences in here that complement the savoury smoke, leaving a post-barbecue glow. A gustatory dram, sure to delight peat heads and foodies alike.

This had a bountiful aroma at first, one chock full of smoke-laced flowers, liquorice, smouldering heather, sweeter sherry impressions and singed orange peel. We also found deeper tones of barbecue smoke, coconut shavings, suncream and silky trails of distant peat smoke. Water brought wet moss, sandalwood, shoreline freshness, wet seaweed and wood-smoked ham. The neat palate balanced sweetness and salinity very evenly, with rich umami broths, charred shellfish, dark chocolate-coated stem ginger, salted caramel and smoked butter. With reduction came seawater, soy sauce, peat embers, cloves, and fragrant wood smoke from a beach bonfire.