Age27 years
Distilled23 April 1996
Initial Caskex-Bourbon Hogshead
Final Cask2nd Fill ex-Bourbon Barrel
Outturn230 bottles
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The initial aroma was both rich and beautifully finessed by time and the various cask influences. We detected sweet Crème brulée along with earthy turmeric, dunnage funkiness and also more playful notes such as crystallised ginger, brandy snaps, resinous fir wood and raisin fudge. With water it became wonderfully aromatic and detailed, with notes of hothouse flowers, chamomile tea, mineral oils, candied walnuts, hedgerow earthiness and crushed hazelnuts. A drape of rancio hung over the entire nose. The palate was thick in texture and full of rum fudge, condensed milk, fruit preserves, citrus syrups, heather honey and wild strawberry. With reduction it got even silkier, with many crystallised citrus rinds, hints of vanilla, coconut creme, cocktail bitters and warm croissant slathered in honey. Pure joy! At 20 years of age, we combined selected casks from the same distillery. The single malt was then filled to toasted French oak barriques for a period of three months before being moved to second fill bourbon barrels to mellow and marry further for over five years.