39.290 - DELISH!

Age17 years
Distilled24 July 2006
Initial Caskex-Bourbon Hogsheads
Final Cask1st Fill ex-Oloroso Hogsheads
Outturn554 bottles
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CHF 154.00


We Panellists donned our aprons before cooking up a beef and red wine stew, which we served with sautéed apple slices in a pan with plenty of demerara sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg. On the palate, we bit into ginger and mace-scented orange bread and took a spoonful of our olive oil ice cream. After a drop of water, luscious scents filled the air as we made sticky toffee pudding, chocolate brownies and treacle scones, while tasting churros waffles with a fudgy chocolate sauce. The starting point for this small batch was two bourbon hogsheads of single malt Scotch whisky. At 13 years of age both casks were transferred to first fill Spanish oak hogsheads. The casks were then married together before bottling.