28.93 - WAXY PICK 'N' MIX

Age10 years
Distilled21 May 2012
Cask1st Fill ex-Bourbon Barrel
Outturn224 bottles
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CHF 84.00


Bags of fruit jelly sweets brought a juicy intensity that washed over nutmeg and cassia bark while waxy textures danced beside orange oil. The palate was delightfully creamy and malty, with a coating of wax and chalk dust that sweetened to custard powder with hints of lemon thyme. After adding water a wave of fresh oak and pine built a framework around green malt in a hessian sack with peppermint, marjoram and orange peel. Flavours were now sweet and nutty, with marzipan layered on sponge cake, topped with flaked almonds, crumbled nougat and sticky halva complemented by fresh sliced pear.