28.61 - HOT POTATO!

Age7 years
Distilled11 September 2013
Cask1st Fill ex-Bourbon Barrel
Outturn231 bottles
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CHF 79.00


A young, punchy and immediately charismatic example of this left-field Highlander. We found the nose to be riddled with hessian cloth, lamp oil, old toolboxes, steel wool, young furniture, canvas, vapour rubs and mineral oil. Hints of young calvados and tart gooseberry. Reduction brought out baking powder, cornflour, oatmeal, sandalwood, oily rags, and old workshops. Unusual notes of Bison Grass and potatoes roasted in goose fat. The palate was initially warming and spicy with herbal cough medicines, salt-baked vegetables, oatcakes spread with butter and dry roast peanuts. Water brought out olive oil grassiness, mustard powder, lime pith, putty, white wine vinegar and lanolin.