112.46 - A WAFER A WHILE

Age14 years
Date Distilled19 October 2004
Cask Type1st Fill Hogshead / Moselle Oak Finish
Outturn368 bottles
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As the sun warmed our skin, we drifted away to the smell of 1980's suntan lotion and salty sea air. Oil and buttery notes combined with creamy strawberry yoghurt, that chilled down to multiple scoops of vanilla ice cream precariously perched on a crunchy caramel wafer. Confected fruit passed by as bubble gum merged with sticky fruit pastries and joined the malty sweetness of breakfast cereal. Milk chocolate and praline delivered us to a palate of deliberate funk as fermenting fruit wandered helplessly towards scrumpy cider. The fruit matured into cool white wine loaded with ripe banana and mango flavours, just as we awoke to find an empty wafer cone and melted ice cream on the sand. Twelve years matured in an ex-bourbon hogshead before transfer to a French oak hogshead.

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